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I received my creative education from the University of Kansas and studied abroad in Trier, Germany. I am an artist and designer who strives to be a catalyst for design by provoking honest emotions. I believe in having strong concepts and a killer process to end with a well-crafted solution. To begin my process, I start by picking up a pencil and letting my mind flow. I enjoy working on projects from any medium, learning whatever I can from them, and adding it to my own repertoire of skills. I’m always keeping a look out for new challenges. Anyone can say they are passionate about design, but it has truly become my lifestyle.


I was born and raised in good old Kansas. I value my family, education, and friends. Music is my fuel and I can't live without it. I love fashion and trying new things. I am a part of Sokora Vora, a vanity house of fashion arts and visual films. Recent travel enthusiast. Anything with bacon is great. Studio Ghibli obsessed (especially Totoro). I am apparently an INFJ personality. Love to step on crunchy leaves in Autumn. Love to inspire and be inspired. 

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