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Expanding a Project


I was either going to expand my Save the Arctic series or my Curiocity app design, but I finally decided on focusing on my Save the Arctic poster series. I talked to my teacher and had a lot of inspiring feedback on how I should go more social and interactive than flat work. I see the importance in how our industry is changing and how it could help out my cause. I decided to expand the project with a 'walk for the Arctic' event or motivator in daily life. My ideas revolve around creating a phone app, website or facebook page/event, and flyers to pass out to the city. The phone app is still being researched, but I am looking into intertwining the aspects of a pedometer with donations to a charity, in this case Greenpeace and to be even more specific to saving the Arctic :). To get my brain juices going I created a wordlist:

+ Urban
+ City
+ Movement
+ Activity
+ Game
+ Gas
+ Polar Bears
+ Penguins
+ Icebergs
+ Get Fit
+ Run for fun
+ Activist
+ Green

+ Walking
+ Running
+ Tracker
+ Energy
+ Runner
+ Oil
+ Consumption
+ Saving
+ Save
+ Exercise
+ Fun
+ Active
+ World

+ Cool
+ Affected by
+ Domino
+ Pedometer
+ Footstep Counter
+ Carbon footprint
+ Volunteer
+ Competition
+ Recreation
+ Mileage
+ Movement
+ Protection
+ Sanctuary

+ Offshore
+ Drilling
+ Melting
+ Warming
+ Climate
+ Dead fuels
+ Responsibility
+ Concern
+ Powerful
+ Inspiration
+ Ozone
+ Health
+ Ice


+ Phone app: tracks movements, counts
+ Website: details on contest & info
+ FB Page: Event page
+ Flyers: Pass out to city


+ Walk for the Arctic -- WFTA
+ Save the Arctic Walk -- STAW
+ Sanctuarctic
+ Jogger
+ Arctic Walk
+ Green Run
+ Peace Run
+ Greenpeace Run
+ Walk to Save
+ First Step


Photo Sep 11, 1 54 22 AM
Photo Sep 11, 1 54 22 AM


Photo Sep 11, 2 17 53 AM
Photo Sep 11, 2 17 53 AM

I still have a lot to do because my previous weekend I was traveling to Washington D.C. for a wedding. However, I will be able to catch up.. I am mainly focusing on nailing down the main idea of my app and the features and benefits it will have. After that, everything else (extraneous applications) will follow in place. Designing of the app cannot be created without creating this foundation.