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Senior Year: New Challenges


For my senior portfolio class, I am supposed to blog about my design progress and more, so I will add it to the mix of random events on my blog :) I have yet to blog about my other adventures, but it seems that I can't keep up with myself and those posts will just have to be out of order! Prepare yourselves.



Save the Arctic

I selected Greenpeace to be an advocate for because I believe in the problem and I like how the organization also believes in the power of many people. In the past 30 years, the Arctic has lost 35% of its sea ice. As the ice melts, companies are moving forward to exploit natural resources and potentially harm the already endangered environment. The United States rely heavily on fossil fuels, which are unrenewable. Offshore drilling operations are known to produce various forms of pollution that are detrimental to our environment. This is a serious environmental problem because it directly impacts our marine life, other wild life, and our own lives. The amount of oil drilled from the Arctic would only fuel America for about three years. Drilling oil and spilling it could jeopardize the economy and lose jobs, tourism, disrupt the fishing industry. I created three posters to address the audience in taking action by not ignoring the problem. With these three posters I was able to stir up emotions, get more people to sign the petition, and reach out to my target audience of young adults.

Brochures made by Greenpeace using my Illustrations

Brochures made by Greenpeace using my Illustrations

This project should be expanded because the illustrations are strong, there is an important and relevant message, and posters may not be strong enough to spread the word. Greenpeace created a brochure from my designs, but I think I can expand on it. Instead of telling people about the problem and asking for their signature, supporters should also have the incentive 0f being part of the movement by displaying it. Maybe they can receive a little bundle of thanks from Greenpeace. The little bundle of thanks could include free post cards and pins that wouldn't cost them very much. Greenpeace could also sell or give away simple things like t-shirts, cups, and more. It would be free advertisement and remind people of the situation. Moreover, the bigger situation should be focused on and that is to promote renewable energy and teach others how to be energy efficient. This could be displayed in a little book or as an app.