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Mindflow of my travels and interests

Packing for a semester abroad!


EDITED POST! I actually had to remove like.. half of the things in my bag lol soooo this isn't accurate!


Shmello all!

The long awaited trip is finally here and I just can't believe it! I will be missing everyone, so my emotions are just all over the place... I am afraid and excited at the same time. I am positive I will be homesick.. I will definitely miss my boyfriend Billy and my momma, but we should all be strong and know that it is only for a short period in our lives! It will be a great adventure and I hope to become a well rounded person with this gained knowledge!

Anyhoo onto the business.. If you didn't know, packing light seems to be the most recommended way of travelling. I have done a ton of research over this because I am weird. Even made a Pinterest board of my obsessions with travelling.. I will be gone for a whole five months, and I can't even think of limiting myself! I know that I have packed too much, but here is what I am considering so far! This may WILL change (I only have til tomorrow to change it up). If you are going abroad, consider thinking of what you need/want to pack a month or two ahead of time. It never hurts ;)

Oh, and sorry for my horrible pictures, but I had to unpack to get these photos! Be thankful there are even photos!!! Lol I'm kidding, but taking these pics were not fun.


First off, I decided to roll most of my clothes and put them into plastic bags depending on the type of clothing. This saves space and helps to keep everything organized. Don't forget to suck out all the air.. or just sit on it and zip it up :D


Jeans (4) (3):

- 2 1 Blue - 1 Black - 1 White

Originally I was going to bring only 3... So I may rethink this and change it up. No one really cares if you re-wear your pants... Unless you have dookie stains on them.


Blazers (2):

- 1 Black - 1 White

It makes every outfit look that much more important.


T-Shirts (3):

- 2 Normal T's - 1 Boyfriend T

Nothing like a good ol' Tee to wear to sleep!


Random (4):

- 1 Purple sweater - 1 Knitted sweater - 1 Grey cardigan - 1 Navy cardigan

May take out the navy cardigan.. But keeping the sweaters for lazy days Just gotta buy new ones :)


Blouses (5):

-1 Maroon long-sleeve - 3 Printed long-sleeves - 1 White short-sleeve


Pants n Shorts

Bottoms Mix (8) (5):

- 2 Under shorts - 2 Work-out capris - 2 Work-out shorts - 1 Sleepy shorts - 1 Leather leggings

May take out a work out capris.. I am also bringing two black leggings (but I'm wearing it on my flight.. Yes... I wear two leggings so no one sees my undies)


Short shorts (3):

- 1 Blue high-waisted - 1 White short-short - 1 Gray high-waisted

It may get warm in Germany or wherever I visit. You can also pair these with some tights ;)


Dresses (4):

- 1 Mint sleeveless - 1 Coral long-sleeve - 2 Black, long-sleeve, sleeveless


Shirts (5) (4):

- 1 Black long-sleeve - 1 Blue long-sleeve - 1 Gray long-sleeve - 1 Gray short-sleeve - 1 Striped short-sleeve

I'm trying to stay with neutrals, but navy and maroon always appear in my selections.


Skirts (3):

- 1 Maxi maroon - 1 Printed fishtail - 1 Navy a-line

Decided not to bring the maroon peplum..


Sleeveless funsies (5):

- Too many.. May reconsider, but it barely takes up any space lol


Stock up on deodorant because Germany may not have the kind I like. I also am bringing my special shampoo... and also bought some razors. Everything else will just have to be bought in Germany!

TSA Locks

TSA approved locks.. Yeah. They are strict.


Limiting myself to 5 shoes (which may change).. I am wearing the boots because it takes up the most room in my suitcase.

Shoes 2

Oh yeah.. and my roommate wants me to bring running shoes.... I hate running, but he is a triathlon star! lol we will see.


Outerwear (3):

- 1 Thick blue trench - 1 Knitted white - 1 Tan trench


My two purses :).. Yay! I am also carrying a money belt, so dorky but better safe than sorry!


Other things I packed:

- Undies... UNLIMITED! Because you never know when you'll do laundry ;D - Tons of socks in pairs! - Bras: sport, regular, & bandeaus - Towel (only one, but I usually use two!) - Women products lol - Adapters! Not converters because I don't think I will be using it.. Plus i am not bringing any hair appliances. - Clock I got from Dillon.. Although I need to get rechargeable batteries too... - Make up - Accessories!!!! Scarves, hats, belts........... Fake Jewelry! - Peanut butter (because apparently it is expensive in Europe!) - Bed sheets (Debating if I should because it's so heavy and takes up a lot of space.....) - Will definitely pack one pillow case for sure though.. So I can always feel like I'm home when I'm in bed. - Toothpaste - Swimming suit! You just never know when... - Lint roller :D - $80 worth of medicines from my mommy because I get sick often.... Problems including stomach aches, horrible migraines with aura, and joint painz.... Much needed.. Just to be safe :) I think Europeans prefer taking a more natural route than pills?


My next post will probably go over my carry on bags and my airport outfit ;D See you guys soon!