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Shots! Shots! Everybody!


Hello all!

Before leaving to Germany, I have to make sure I have all of my shots and what not, although Germany is pretty safe and sanitary. I suggest doing this early. I found out a month ago that I did not complete my Hep B or Hep A shots (and yes, I was pretty angry at my mom lol).... Apparently I had to start on them all over.. That day I got four shots: Hep B, Hep A, Meningococcal, and Tdap. It was painful and I was very sore. I did find out however that I had two Hep B shots when I was younger and that the Hep B shot I got that day would be my last one in the series.

This monday I had to go in for shots again and they gave me a Hep B shot (again!?!??!) and said that I had to start all over on the series because I got those shots so long ago that it wouldn't count.. That would mean I am on 2/3 of the shots if we started to count from my previous four shots.. Who knows. I went to Walgreens afterwards to get my late flu shot (pahahah I'm really bad and hate shots with a passion) and the lady told me I didn't have to take anymore Hep B shots because I completed it two shots before... So now I'm thinking, "Great." I will have to continue my shots anyway so there will be no confusion! I am completely sick of this. When I come back from Germany I will have two final shots waiting for me lol......Yay.

Anyway, today I went to my rheumatologist and surprise surprise! I have to get my blood drawn out for my yearly exam.. Sadly, I didn't eat at all that day (bad idea) and felt very sick afterwards. My blood pressure dropped pretty low, since I already have low blood pressure, and we had to wait til it went up... (from 70/50ish whatever to like 88/??.... no idea I just slightly remember these numbers). They gave me crackers, which I couldn't scarf down because my throat was too dry, and a sprite lol... I was thankful they took care of me though. My nurses said I probably felt this way because of anxiety, but I honestly don't think it's that.. I have my reasons, but for now I'll let them think what they want.

needles + me = no go.

That was my adventure today.