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The Perfect Travel Purse


I have already been accepted into my program in Trier, Germany and I don't start school until mid March. This leaves me with a ton of time to think and research for what to pack, how to pack, TSA rules, alla this and alla that.. and trust me.. I have gone up and beyond and have even become obsessed with traveling.. Things have changed a ton since I last traveled abroad ten years ago.. I truly cannot wait! One of the things I was looking into is buying a great quality purse for my every day use. After much research, I've decided on buying a cross body purse because that is one of the safest handbags to carry when travelling internationally. Although, I won't be as safe as I could be (because there are such things as Anti-theft purses with RFID protection), this is the next best thing. Some things you'll want to consider when purchasing your purse is the size of the bag and how it opens. For one, you'll probably want a smaller cross body bag so it won't be so heavy while you're walking around. You'll want to keep this bag close to your body and wear it in the front with your hand over it for extra protection. However if you're like me, a tiny little bag might not be the best idea... So I opted for medium bags :) Here are the two options I ended up choosing between:

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Classic Q - Natasha' Crossbody Flap Bag (Probably in a different color)

2. Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Small Leslie Satchel (Sorry only had limited pics, probably in this beige color)

These two bags, MJ and KS for short, are very similar in the way there is a zippered compartment in the flap. Both bags also hold a large amount of items (I went to Von Maur and could fit my DSLR camera and have extra room to fit other things!). This is a good sign. The problem is choosing which bag is right for me.... The MJ bag is more droopy and relaxed, while the KS bag is more structured. For the MJ bag, I liked that the zippered flap opened a secret pocket that is as deep as the entire purse, which could be useful to put in your ID, passport, and it even fits an iPad (which I don't have.. boo hoo). The MJ purse's main body is more like a satchel since it does not have anything to seal it.. which makes me nervous! I love the MJ purse a lot, but anyone could easily steal something from the main compartment without me knowing (not really I would karate chop his ass, but it does happen). It also has a magnetic button clasp thing, which is much better than the KS bag which uses only magnets to seal its flap. Still, the KS bag provides a little more security in the zipping flap that opens to the entire main compartment. Whoever wants to steal from my purse would have to open the flap, unzip it, and watch out for my right hook... all at the same time! I really don't know which I am going to get.... but I know for sure it will be one of these two bags.

Although I love both bags, I am leaning toward Kate Spade for more protection... but, still. I dont know, the hidden compartment of the MJ is still kind of cool... and the reason I am choosing brown or a neutral color is because I got some brown boots for my travels.. yes... Riding boots. I will probably invest in a RFID protected passport cover/wallet too from Mochithings.com! I will make my final decision in these upcoming weeks after I get my boots and see which matches best and which would be the perfect travel purse.

If you have a purse you believe is the perfect travel purse, please leave a comment below or help me choose what you think would be a great investment!